Women at the Grass root

Women's Excellence Initiative also works with women at the grassroots, particularly the entrepreneurial ventures undertaken by these women. We study the alternate business models being explored by them in the form of setting up organisations as co-operatives, self-help groups and other such forms. Majority of the research currently revolves around scaling up and deep diving into the merits of alternate forms of business given the context of bottom of the pyramid. 

  • Scaling Social and Economic impact of Women Entrepreneurs in Tier II cities of India through targeted interventions
    The study is focused on identifying and quantifying the importance of training, mentoring and networking for promoting entrepreneurship among women owners of SMEs. Through surveys and interviews, we will explore if the training program, mentoring and networking had a positive, negative or no impact on (i) women entrepreneurs’ confidence in taking business decisions that have substantial risk associated with them, (ii) helping and mentoring their peer group, and (iii) their participation in financial decisions at home.