Survey on Women Career Trajectories

A lot has been said in popular media about the leaky pipeline in the corporate world and lack of gender diversity at senior corporate positions.  Women’s Leadership & Excellence Initiative is trying to understand this phenomenon at a deeper level and develop mechanisms for helping women with professional challenges. 

We request your help in filling out the SURVEY.  It will:
  1. Be the starting point of building a repository of data on career trajectories of working women
  2. Insights from this research will help us identify workshops/programmes that will be valuable to working women and their career aspirations
  3. Help us build a strong mentor and networking community across various programmes
  4. The survey will only take 10-15 minutes of your time and will be immensely beneficial to you and the larger community as we start the dialogue on the role women play in the workforce.

We really value your voice and would want you to set the agenda.