Participants of the AMPH will undergo 15 credits of taught courses, and 1 credit of Action Learning Project. The courses are designed to offer a comprehensive learning of management principles in a healthcare delivery setting. An indicative list of courses is as follows:
Economics of Health Markets
Financial Statement Analysis of Healthcare Organisations
Cost Accounting of Healthcare Services
Financial Management of Healthcare Organisations
Process Excellence in Healthcare Organisations
People Management in Healthcare Organisations
Personal Leadership and Effectiveness
Management of Organisations
Responsible Leadership
Marketing Management of Healthcare Services
Strategic Thinking in Healthcare Organisations
Industry Core and Advanced
Healthcare Information Technology
Legal Aspects of Healthcare Management
Designing and Managing Effective Healthcare Delivery Systems
Designing a Patient-Centric Organisation
Business Model Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mind-Set
Economics and Management of Biopharma and Medical Devises Industry
Indian Health System webinar series
Action Learning Project
Action Learning Project (ALP) is an important pedagogical tool that is designed to give participants a chance to deploy their classroom learning in solving an ongoing business challenge. It is a group exercise guided by a faculty mentor. Participants typically choose a live project from the organisation where they are currently employed.