The programme will adopt adult learning pedagogies and emphasise on action and application rather than just theory and concepts. The pedagogy will involve the integration of faculty lectures with case study discussions, simulations, group activities and other interactive sessions. Experienced industry practitioners will be invited as guest speakers to share practical perspectives and real-world examples. Participants will also work on live projects to enable application of learning in the real-world environment.

Action Learning Project

This is an important pedagogical tool that is designed to give participants a chance to practice their management theories in real-life scenarios. This is a group exercise executed under a mentor/guide from the ISB. Participants have an option to bring in a live project from the organisation where they are currently employed, or can bid for projects from other organisations.


The programme will be taught by a combination of globally renowned faculty from the ISB and other premier educational and capacity-building institutions from across the world.

Indicative Faculty

  1. Ramabhadran Thirumalai
  2. Prajapati Trivedi
  3. Pradeep Singh
  4. Jit Bajpai
  5. M R Rao
  6. S Ramnarayan
  7. K Venkatesh
  8. OP Agarwal
  9. V Nagraj
  10. Dishan Kamdar

“The Advanced Management Programme in Infrastructure is extremely relevant in today’s times when one considers the increasing backlog of asset creation and rejuvenation required in all sub-sectors of infrastructure. Professional managers in the sector need expertise in various areas of business, including forecasting, project management, contract management and dispute resolution, operations and maintenance, among others. Given the pressures on public funding, there is a need for enhanced discipline in conceiving, executing and operating projects. It is, therefore, apt for an eminent business school like the ISB to develop and teach appropriate tools and methodologies in the LIM with best-in-class practices and cases and thus contribute to the knowledge and talent pool in this vital sector.”
K Venkatesh
Chief Executive and Managing Director L&T Infrastructure Development Projects Limited