Pre-Course Reading Material

Pre-course reading material in the form of cases, articles etc., will be made available to all participants in advance. Participants are expected to spend 8 to 10 hours per week studying the material before they commence their classes each term. 

Programme Delivery

The course delivery will comprise in-class instructions which may be followed by tutorials during office hours. There will be also a few online modules taught through the Learning Management System. 


Online as well as in-class assessments and projects are also incorporated in the programme to ensure academic rigour. The academic committee will set minimum grade point criteria for graduating from the programme.

Industry Speakers

An integral part of the learnings will be interactions with industry speakers. These sessions will be part of almost each module, and will be designed to enhance the understanding of the concepts of the module from a practitioner’s perspective.


Simulations help maximise on classroom learning as the decisions that the participants have to make in these simulations replicate the kind of decisions they would encounter in their respective organisations. They let participants apply the management theories learnt in class to a simulated business environment and evaluate the results of their decisions.

Action Learning Projects

Action learning is an important pedagogical tool that is designed to give participants a chance to practice their management theories in real life scenarios. There will be an action learning project, which will be performed in a group under a mentor/guide from ISB. The projects can be taken up by the individual from the organisation wherein he/she is currently employed or can bid for other projects .

Academic Rigor

ISB expects all participants to follow the school’s honour code and adhere
to the highest code of integrity.