Graduation Ceremony Batch 1

 Academic / Formal Categories
WHO: Award Name & winnersFor What
Bharti Institute of Public Policy Scholar of Excellence : Tie between,
Maninder Kaur Dwivedi
Devashish Deshpande
This honour is awarded to one MPPP student for best overall performance across all courses inclusive of academic marks and class participation
Dean's List :
Maninder Kaur Dwivedi
Devashish Deshpande
Rajesh Gupta
Samir Avinash Nabar
The Dean's List comprises students who make it to the top ten percentile of the class for their academic accomplishments.
Excellence in Class Participation :
Ganesh V. Sawaleshwarkar
This award is given to the student who ranks the highest in terms of participation in discussions and offering insightful comments in class over the course of a year of study.
Excellent Contribution to Group Work :  Tie among,
Ganesh V. Sawaleshwarkar,
Maninder Kaur Dwivedi,
L. Gowri Shenbagaraman
This is awarded to the student who consistently contributes meaningfully and substantially to group work over the course of the year
Students’ Choice Award :
Sundeep Jammalamadaka
This award is given to the most liked student in class for their personality and engagement with the students