‘Anurakshan 2013’ is a national seminar on ‘Strengthening the Aviation MRO Sector in India’, and deliver the key note address on November 29, 2013 at 10 am. The seminar is being organized by the Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing at the Mohali Campus of the Indian School of Business.
The seminar will discuss three important topics concerning the Aviation MRO Industry:
- Needs of the MRO industry in India – are they underserved?
- Framework for a futuristic policy on MRO – stakeholder engagement; and
- Development of entrepreneurial initiatives in the MRO industry – role of government.
Indian industry will benefit from India becoming the fourth largest aviation market in the world by 2020. We believe this is an opportunity for the country to evolve and make manufacturing the hub of India's economic growth. Joint ventures in aviation industry in conjunction with the opportunities due to defence offsets can provide jobs, technology and skill development and importantly, lead to creation of ancillary industries that will develop around the major companies. This seminar is being organized with intent to bring together government, business and academia to explore the way forward in realizing the potential of an untapped sector.