MFAB Learning Goals & Objectives

Critical and Integrative Thinking: Each student shall demonstrate the ability to identify key issues in a family business setting, develop a perspective that is supported with relevant information and integrative thinking, to draw and assess conclusions.
Objective 1: Identification of central issue or problem.
Objective 2: Quality of data considered for analysis. 
Objective 3: Data analysis and interpretation.
Objective 4: Development of multiple perspectives.
Objective 5: Establishment of one’s perspective.
Objective 6: Effective summary, conclusions and implications.
Awareness of Global Issues Affecting Family Business: Each student shall have the ability to identify key global factors including competition, policies, politics, culture and customers, and be able to analyse the impact of the global environment on family business issues.
Objective 1: Identification of global factors.
Objective 2: Analysis of global factors. 
Objective 3: Comparative analysis. 
Objective 4: Application of analysis to management situation.
Ethical Responsibility: Each student shall be able to identify ethical issues, understand the impact of a particular issue on various stakeholders, recognize the rights and responsibilities of the stakeholders, and systematically analyse the pros and cons of any decision related to the ethical issue..
Objective 1: Recognition of ethical issue.
Objective 2: Knowledge of rights and responsibilities of stakeholder.
Objective 3: Analysis of ethical issue.
Objective 4: Integration and synthesis for appropriate action.
Managing Family Business Relations: Each student shall have awareness of the complexity in managing family relationships, importance of roles and accountability of key individuals, and ways of effectively managing conflicts.
Objective 1: Awareness of conflicting needs and values.
Objective 2: Appreciation of need for proactive steps to cope with complexity of relations.
Objective 3: Commitment to communication and conflict management.
Objective 4: Willingness to set up appropriate processes and mechanism.
Leadership: Each student shall understand what it takes to exercise effective leadership in family business, through important initiatives, effective execution, influencing key stakeholders, and managing change.
Objective 1: Articulating key leadership initiatives for family business.
Objective 2: Effective execution.
Objective 3: Influencing key stakeholders.
Objective 4: Leading change.