PGPMAX Learning Goals & Objectives

Leadership Skills: Have heightened awareness of what it takes to exercise effective leadership at senior levels, through key initiatives, effective execution, influencing, inspiring, and empowering people and managing change.
Objective 1: Envisioning key leadership initiatives.
Objective 2: Effective execution.
Objective 3: Influencing people.
Objective 4: Inspiring people.
Objective 5: Managing change .
Objective 6: Developing and empowering people.
Critical and Integrative Thinking: Demonstrate an ability to identify the central problem/issue, despite limited or overwhelming information, draw and assess recommendations using a  perspective that integrates both functional (i.e. business functions) and relevant external information, and deploy them effectively to solve business problems.
Objective 1: Identification of central issue or problem.
Objective 2: Quality of data considered for analysis.
Objective 3: Data analysis and interpretation. 
Objective 4: Development of multiple perspectives.
Objective 5: Establishment of one’s perspective.
Objective 6: Integration of analysis, Inferences & Implications.
Global Awareness: Understand the nature of global issues impacting business, including competition, policies, politics, culture, and customers, and have the ability to manage them effectively.
Objective 1: Global Awareness.
Objective 2: Cultural Understanding.
Objective 3: Key Global Factors. 
Objective 4: Analysis of Global Factors.
Ethical Responsibility: Have the ability to make responsible decisions through enhanced sensitivity to various stakeholders, communities, and the environment that are affected by management decisions.  
Objective 1: Identification of ethical issue or dilemma.
Objective 2: Analysis of the issue from multiple perspectives. 
Objective 3: Stakeholders considered in the analysis. 
Objective 4: Information used in the analysis.
Objective 5: Assumptions used in the analysis.
Objective 6: Solution/decision offered for the ethical issue.