Overreaching Theme for Artha ’14: India 10.0 – Road Map to 10% Growth
The theme for Artha 2014 is whether and how India can achieve 10.0% GDP Growth in the near future, on the back of major policy changes, and the economic scenario in India. The discussion would include on how India could be made resilient to external shocks, and how Infrastructure sector will be the catalyst in helping India achieve 10% GDP Growth. The further deliberation would be on the sunrise sectors in Equity Markets, and how the flow of fund would take place in the near future. Eventually, how the Bonds can help support the businesses in India, and how Bond Market.

1. Indian Economy: On a Robust or a Fragile Path
v  How Indian economy can clock a 10% growth,
v  How inflation can be checked in the near future, and discuss on how the Indian Economy can be made resilient to external shocks in future.
v  Explore the key initiatives to be taken by the government, specifically in the sectors which need massive encouragement in the coming years 
2. Charting Indian Growth through a Strong Infra base
v  Current scenario of the Infrastructure sector
v  Importance of Infrastructure and capital expenditure in laying a strong foundation for growth
v  Role played by foreign collaborators in terms of financing, technology, and the future prospects thereby
v  Discussion on government initiatives like Make in India, Smart cities, Freight corridors, and the investment opportunities these initiatives present
3. Unravelling Equity Flows through the Sunrise Sectors
v  Outlook on foreign flows in to Equity Markets and outlining the growth sectors with value unlocking potential
v  The revival of IPO Markets, PE Investments and M&A activities in India
v  How Equity Markets can be developed as a strong source of Investments for the Indian household
4. Deepening Bond Markets for Investment Growth
v  Journey of Indian Bond markets so far and what lies ahead
v  Role of Structured financing and Innovative debt instruments
v  How can Corporate Bankers help in revival of companies and putting them back on growth track?
v  Emergence of Hybrid structures – Can they be the catalysts to growth?
v  Legal issues and possible regulatory changes required to instill confidence in Indian Bond Market
v  Views on flows and liquidity in Indian Bonds Markets.
TimeSession TypeTopic
8:30 AM9:00 AMRegistration
9:00 AM9:15 AMWelcome addressMr. Sanjay Nayar
9:15 AM9:45 AMKeynote addressRole of Markets in Indian Growth Story – Mr. Deepak Parekh
9:45 AM9:55 AMBreak 
9:55 AM10:45 AMPanel 1Indian economy: On a Robust or a Fragile Path ?
10:50 AM11:45 AMPanel 2Charting Indian Growth through a Strong Infrastructure Base
11:45 AM12:00 PMBreak 
12:00 PM12:45 PMKeynote address 
12:45 PM1:45 PMLunch 
1:45 PM3:00 PMPanel 3Unraveling Equity Flows through the Sunrise Sectors
3:00 PM3:15 PMBreak 
3:15 PM4:05 PMPanel 4Deepening Bond Markets for Investment Growth
4:05 PM4:45 PMClosing keynoteVision India - Views on Near Term Growth - Mr. Adi Godrej
4:45 PM5:00 PMThank YouMr. Ajit Rangnekar
5:00 PM6:00 PMHigh TeaNetworking with Alumni in Focused Groups