Team Hyderabad
Abhilasha Goyal

Abhilasha is an Engineering Graduate from VIT, Vellore, and has a ~5 years of work experience as a Business Analyst with a Fintech Company.
She believes that Art, in all its forms, can be used to form a connection with ourselves and with people, which helps us find peace in the middle of chaos. She uses creativity to channelize and structure her thoughts.
With an aim to involve the entire ISB community into Arts and Creativity, she has designed a roadmap pertaining to the ideas of inclusion, expertise, and innovation. She aims to achieve the same in collaboration with her team and cohort

Saloni Singh
Vice President Saloni graduated in Economics from Sophia College, Mumbai. She has worked in CRISIL for almost 5 years, in the field of funds and fixed income research. Her love for art has been in existence since the time she was 4 years old when she started drawing on old magazines and papers. Since then, art has been her mental sanctuary. She believes art and creativity are instrumental in creating fun, productive workplaces. She enjoys painting in watercolors and doodling in the corners of books.
Archana Belurgikar
Events Coordinator Archana is a B.E. (Instrumentation Technology) graduate with 2.9 years of experience as a consultant at Ernst & Young LLP. She loves to sketch and finds it to be her escape from the daily race that life always is. She strongly believes that Art is simply an untainted form of expression. Her goal as an Events Coordinator is to provide, through the Arts Club, a platform for every single person to be able to express- because EVERY picture has a story to tell, and EVERY story matters.
Shamayita Mukherjee
Events Co-ordinator Shamayita graduated in mechanical engineering from NIT Durgapur. She has worked with IOCL, LPG division for 5 years 9 months, in operations and project management.  As with many Bengalis, her journey with art began at the tender age of five, but art eventually became an indispensable part of life. She believes that the creativity in her, helps her solve problems in life, and at the workplace. She particularly enjoys pencil sketching and monochromatic painting. On a recent vacation, while her husband took photos to create memories, she sketched scenes from the moments to create memories, and she intends to continue doing so in all future trips!
Preeti Agrawal
Lead Coordinator – Marketing Preeti has graduated in engineering with 5.9 years of experience in Automation and Quality Testing on Software products. Prior to ISB, she was working with Amazon in a similar role focussing on projects in supply chain systems of Fulfilled by Amazon Team. She believes that art has an inevitable existence in one’s life; it's just not restricted to canvas and colors, it’s in the way of living itself. Arts gives a unique essence to everything attributing a distinct definition. She is passionate about learning different forms of art and has been learning different elements of it, especially oil painting, ceramic designing, Mahbubani painting, and glass painting. For her, the Arts and Creativity club is about bringing synergy with different clubs and events and contributing to making the creative aspects of those events alive to the fullest. Arts and Creativity makes an equal sense into the business world, with every product building and serving the correct needs of the people and most importantly making it to their utmost appeal and adoption.
Vibhore Maheshwari
Club Coordinator Vibhore is an engineering graduate with 3+ years of diverse work experience. Born and brought up in Delhi, he moved to Mumbai to work for a consulting firm. His passion to work in the development sector led him to work in some of the most backward districts of India on the implementation of Government's flagship projects like Swachh Bharat Mission and National Rural Livelihood Mission. He has pursued his childhood hobby of arts and holds a small collection of over 15+ canvas. He strongly believes that art can be used as a powerful tool to bring about changes in the society based on his experience of using 'sanitary pad painting' event to successfully spread awareness about menstrual hygiene among the adolescent girls in one of the rural districts where he worked.
He strongly believes that there is no perfection in art; thus, it's open for everyone. It can help one to relax and provide a temporary escape.
Team Mohali
Siddharth Narain Takru
President With 4.5 years of experience in advertising and business development, Siddharth has worked with a variety of clients in the luxury, lifestyle and FMCG sectors. Through his role as a brand consultant, he has handled projects in the domains of digital, advertising, PR, media buying, and BTL marketing. Siddharth has always been the ‘ideas guy’ at work, and is looking forward to adding a strong technical framework to his creative thinking.

Abhishek Sharma
Vice President Abhishek is graduate from Delhi College of Engineer and has contributed in the growth of early stage technology and real estate startups. He loves the challenges of starting things from scratch and building them into something fruitful. He is a sports enthusiast and a passionate artist, who has represented his school in state level TT tournaments and esteemed painting competitions. He believes that everyone is a hidden artist and loves to help people discover their creative side.

Lavanya Tejasvani
L&D coordinator Lavanya has a diverse experience of working in both MNC and startup work cultures. She has graduated from IIT Kharagpur and had stints at companies like Shell, LANXESS and Her professional areas include Growth, Strategy, Process optimization and Product management across different functional verticals. She is a passionate artist and loves to explore new and different art forms.