Pragati Sharma

Pragati is an engineering graduate with ~4 years of experience in working with medical devices and bio – processing equipment design with GE healthcare. She’s a graduate from GE’s engineering leadership program. Like most of us, Pragati's first tryst with art was when she started taking baby steps. At elementary school, she started drawing with crayons and splattering water colors on a sketch book. This dabbling in colors turned into a more serious passion over time. Pragati has been painting all throughout her school, college and jobs. She's a self-taught artist and painting for her is a medium to express emotions thats are experienced in day to day life. 
For Pragati, the arts & creativity club is a way to help others experience the same joy as she feels while practicing art! She aspires to foster a business community that appreciates art.

Sanyukta Singh
Vice President
Sanyukta is a Fashion Technology graduate from NIFT Bangalore. She has lead the Content Production Team of Landmark Group's E-commerce channel for brands like Max Fashion, Lifestylestores and Home Centre. She beholds a keen sense of creativity and dives into DIY, arts and crafts projects time and again to soothe her soul.A unique blend of technical knowledge and creativity instills in her the freedom to connect to nature and people.

She uses the elements around her comprehensively to brew exquisite creations.She brings life into the inanimate objects through her creations which speak out and loud for her and for the audience she wishes to connect to.
Trisha Shrivastava
Lead Coordinator – Marketing
Trisha is an engineering graduate with 6+ years of experience in building software products and designs. She was leading the hydraulics business product portfolio of Eaton prior to ISB. She believes that art has always given her a different insight that has helped her bring unique ideas and perspectives to the table. Extremely passionate about art, Trisha spends most of her free time learning and practicing new forms of art. Well versed in different forms of painting including acrylic, oil painting, charcoal painting, she is also a costume designer and had her own stint in costume designing.

For her, while the Arts & Creativity Club is about helping people get in touch with their creative side, it is also about fostering the sense of Business in Art and promoting budding entrepreneurs in the industry of art.
Hemanth Tummala
Lead Coordinator- Business in Art Hemanth is an IIT Guwahati alumnus. He has over 5 years of experience in strategy consulting, business analytics and market development. Hemanth was formally trained in sketching and oil painting. As the elected Fine Arts Secretary of his college, Hemanth organized the largest Arts festival in Northeast India, spearheaded a Kite Festival that featured over 700 kites and convinced the IITG administration to construct a giant graffiti wall on campus. As producer of the courtroom comedy, The Jury, Hemanth conceptualized and created creatives and artwork for one of the largest productions at the National Centre for Performing Arts.

By driving the Business in Art initiative at ISB, Hemanth plans to move one step closer to merging his affection for art with his desire to experience entrepreneurship.
Samyaka Verma
Event Curator
Samyaka is an Electrical Engineering Graduate with a Masters in Computer Science. She is a real self-starter, has freelanced, and started businesses in different spheres including design. She inherited her artistic talents from her artist mother, and from an early age, she applied her natural curiosity and creative bend to every project she has undertaken. Not one to shy away from hard projects, you will find her engaging in creating walls of installation-type work: from painting giant hexagons to cutting numerous agonizingly miniature papercuts.

She finds the intersection of sustainable inputs and technology in her artwork. She is currently pursuing a startup in the arts and hobby sector, and her goal is to make art more easily accessible to every type of person.
Rashmi Beldi
Event Curator
Rashmi is a B.Tech.(Comp. Sc.) graduate and has worked for 3.5 years as a Consultant with Accenture. Even though her career took her deep into the world of technology, she never lost touch with her creative side. She always is open and excited to learn new forms of art. Through this innate curiosity, she stumbled upon the world of stop motion animation. She enjoys bringing inanimate objects to life through stop motion videos and is now helping big brands market their products through this creative medium.