Evaluation of "181 Punjab Police Helpline"
The Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Indian School of Business Mohali campus has been commissioned by the Punjab Police, Government of Punjab to analyze and evaluate the “181 Punjab Police Helpline”. The 181 helpline was initiated by the Punjab Police, in August 2012. The novelty of the 181 helpline service lies in that it specifically targets vulnerable groups (Women, Children, senior citizens and NRI’s.) and also in that an external private vendor plays a vital role in registering and forwarding the incoming grievances of citizens to the concerned district police.

The Bharti Institute through this landmark evaluation project is currently evaluating the 181 helpline and in the process seeking to identify gaps in the service delivery mechanism and suggest recommendations that will aid in streamlining and optimizing the operations of the 181 helpline. Through this evaluation, the Bharti Institute is also identifying key principles of an effective Citizen Engagement model that could be incorporated/ replicated across services and sectors.