Ongoing Projects

India Data Portal (IDP)
  • India Data Portal (IDP) is a three-year project to be implemented by BIPP.
  • The "India Data Portal" will serve as a one stop open-access portal for journalists, researchers, students, policy makers, administrators, NGOs, and entrepreneurs to access, interact with, and visualize information, data and knowledge related to agriculture and financial services.
  • It is a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) funded project to develop a portal to house all public data on agriculture and financial services for the poor.

Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI) 
  • The team at the Bharti Institute of Public Policy are working on Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI). 
  • This project seeks to identify policy interventions that can be used to double farmers income by strengthening market linkages and proposing policy prescriptions.
  • A multitude of data analysis is ongoing to form a detailed understanding using statistical tools and visualization of the data at spatial level by using GIS and creating infographics on the household and crop level of the Indian districts.

Fifteenth Finance Commission, Government of India
  • The team at Bharti Institute of Public Policy is working for the Finance Commission, Government of India on “Evaluation of State Finances of Punjab”, and “Evaluation of State Finances of Telangana”. 
  • The draft report containing recommendations to improve financial performance of the States has been submitted respectively.

Techno-Economic Study for Department of Water Supply and Sanitation, Govt. of Punjab
  • The Bharti Institute is working for the Department of Water Supply & Sanitation (DWSS) Govt. of Punjab. 
  • A study has been completed on the Techno-Economic aspects recommending the best and cost-effective Water Metering System to be installed in Large Surface Water Supply Scheme at Moga, Punjab. The draft report has been submitted.

Development of a Global Forest Tenure Security Index
  • Rights and Resources Group and the Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Indian School of Business (ISB) are collaborating on the project Forest Tenure Security Index, under the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI). 
  • The objective of the project is to develop a comparative index of forest tenure security. Dr. Ashwini Chhatre, as the lead of this project for the Indian School of Business, will evaluate the data sources and potential indicators, and conduct expert consultations in order to develop a robust framework for assessing tenure security across countries.
  • The Tenure Security Index will first be piloted using data from all states in India. It is also intended that the framework of the Forest Tenure Security Index will be applied to three additional countries.