Isher Judge Ahluwalia

Recycle and rebuild
A proactive effort from municipalities and citizens towards recycling of construction and demolition waste will go a long way in curbing pollution.
Building from debris
Construction and demolition waste is an environment and public health hazard. Its recycle and reuse offers a sustainable solution
Cities at crossroads: No more cover-ups
Municipal authorities are opting for capping as a solution to the problem of mixed waste at dumpsites. Bio-remediation and bio-mining may be more desirable.
Cities at Crossroads: Managing the run-off
An IIT Delhi report offers important pointers on how to ensure a smooth drainage system in the capital using its natural waterways.
Ripples of reform in Dhaka
Bangladesh capital’s transformation of the water services sector, that connects the urban poor to the piped network, has lessons for cities in India

Cities at Crossroads: Who pays to save this lake?
Bengaluru waterbody, Jakkur, restored by a citizen’s initiative, now stands to be deprived of water by a power plant, raising questions about making environmentally sound practices economically viable.

Cities at Crossroads: Bring back the lakes
Citizen action on rejuvenation of water bodies is gathering momentum in Bengaluru and is making a difference on the ground
What urban waste has to do with global warming
Recycling, composting and biomethanation will not only make landfills unnecessary, they will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Segregation must begin at home
The middle and upper-income classes ought to recognise their critical role in the solid waste management chain and live up to it
Cities at Crossroads: Perils of plastics waste
A sustainable way forward is to minimise consumption of single use plastic items, create awareness about the use of appropriate grade of plastic, and emphasise the importance of recycling and reuse.

Cities at crossroads: Small town, cleaner future
Big cities should learn how to implement waste separation effectively from small, mid-sized Indian cities.

Waste-to-Energy plants that use solid waste as feedstock pose threat to environment
WtE plants in India burn mixed waste. The presence of chlorinated hydrocarbons like PVC results in the release of dioxins and furans when the waste is burnt at less than 850 degree C. Appropriate filtering mechanisms need to be installed to control such dangerous emissions.

The afterlife of e-goods
A rapidly growing e-waste crisis needs rapid official decision-making, time-bound responses.

The three-bin solution
Construction and demolition waste is an environment and public health hazard. Its recycle and reuse offers a sustainable solution.