Shyam Saran

Not the change we want
Our value system is reflected in our economic accounting system. We need to alter it to reflect the true value of our ecological assets and the value of ecological services which they make available to humanity.
Opinion| China’s slowing down, and that’s bad news for the world
China’s export success has been built on its participation in global supply chains, taking advantage of its world-class infrastructure and still relatively cheap and well trained labour force. It has progressively moved up the supply chain to more value-added processes, absorbing more advanced technologies from its developed country partners.
As we go into the elections, political parties must engage in debate on national security issues
Citizens have the right to hold their political leaders and governing institutions accountable. It is unacceptable to assert that questioning the armed forces or government is unpatriotic.
The Pakistan Albatross
Policy should not retard India’s emergence as a regional and global power.
Ad hoc responses won’t work
Despite the repeated urgings of strategic thinkers and practitioners, India still does not have a national security strategy which could guide the State in dealing with crisis situations as well as longer-term challenges.
Politics, but no politics
Deteriorating situation in Valley can’t be delinked from abdication of political responsibility by governments in Delhi.