Electives in the Post Graduate Program:

Title: Infrastructure and the Private Sector

Faculty: Dr. Kumar V Pratap, Planning Commission, Government of India
Term: 7

Investment in infrastructure is necessary for growth. However, because of the fiscal resource crunch, time and cost over-runs, and the general poor quality of publicly provided infrastructure, governments, the world over, have invited the private sector to take on infrastructure provisioning responsibilities. Private provision of public services has taken the form, most often, of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in infrastructure. The course aims at providing participants with a clear understanding of infrastructure challenges, how PPPs can help, and their use in practice. To internalize the concepts, participants would be expected to analyze and make presentations on assigned case studies.

Experiential Learning Programs (ELPs) in the PGP:

Attracting Investments to Bihar
Attracting Investments to West Bengal
Optimum Owner Management Distance for PSUs
Understanding rising Gold Imports in India (commissioned by PMEAC)

Executive Education:
Program on Evaluation
(jointly with UNICEF)