June 18, 2019Diversifying crops will mitigate climate impact in India — StudyDiversifying the crops in India can be an effective way to adapt its food-production systems to the growing influence of extreme climate change, said US researchers including Indian-origin. Know More
June 13, 2019Maharashtra Governor pushes for cultivation, consumption of nutricerealsThe governor said such a policy should focus on encouraging farmers to produce nutricereals. Know More
June 02, 2019Graduation Ceremony of the Advancement Management ProgrammeGraduation ceremony of the Advancement Management Programme Know More
April 25, 2019ISB to set up repository soon to store all public dataTo be called India Data Portal, the portal will allow users to interact with the data, visualise it and download the visualisation for professional use. Know More
April 18, 201925% rise in cases of zinc deficiencyThe reserach team studied Indian dietary patterns to estimate how rates of indequate zinc intake could alter under changing atmosphere. Know More
April 02, 2019Solving The Nation's Farm CrisisProfessor Ashwini Chhatre - Indian School of Business, along with other panelists, shared his views on ‘farm crisis and how technology could help resolve the agrarian Know More
Times of India | March 13, 2019 MPPP Students meet Punjab DGPStudents of ISB’s Management Programme in Public Policy (MPPP) called on Shri Dinkar Gupta, DGP of Punjab.
March 08, 2019Aadhaar: Start Paying Rs20 for Each eKYC, 50 paisa for Yes/No Authentication Now!Aadhaar: Start Paying Rs20 for Each eKYC, 50 paisa for Yes/No Authentication Now! Know More
February 10, 2019Rythu Bandhu a temporary scheme, says officialRythu Bandhu a temporary scheme, says official Know More
December 10, 2018Swapping crops could help India save water, improve nutrition: StudyIndia will need to feed approximately 394 million more people by 2050 Know More
Hindustan Times, Delhi | November 12, 2018 Professor Ashwini Chhatre shares his thoughts on UIDAI taking an operational shift from enrolment to updates and other Aadhar Services“The expansion of service is a great idea, but it should also focus on different ways.”
October 29, 2018How Green Is My Forest? There's an App to Tell YouA web-based application that monitors the impact of successful forest-rights claims can help rural communities manage Know More
October 28, 2018 Punjab Governor, VP Sing Bajnore interacted with the students of MPPP at Raj Bhawan, Punjab.Shri VP Badnore, Governor of Punjab and Administrator  UT Chandigarh at Punjab Raj Bhawan.
October 17, 2018Coarse cereals have disappeared from Indian diets, leading to iron deficiencies among the populationBetween 1983 and 2011, the total iron intake in India has reduced by 21% in rural areas and 11% in urban areas, says new research. Know More
October 13, 2018Sustainability, development poles apart’ Talking about the basis of socio-economic setup in India, Ashwini said: "Agriculture is the base of this pyramid. Climate is bound to affect it. Know More
October 06, 2018‘Forest Rights Act can give tribal communities their due’The Forest Rights Act of 2006 could help ensure rights for tribal and other forest-dependent communities. Know More
August 22, 2018Can trade save forests?Export-oriented manufacturing and service activity as well as foreign direct investment. Know More
August 01, 2018Impact of Historical Changes in Coarse Cereals Consumption in India on Micronutrient Intake and Anemia Prevalence Loss of coarse cereals in the Indian diet has substantially reduced iron intake without compensation from other food groups. Know More
July 24, 2018In India, making the business case for community forest rightsIn India, making the business case for community forest rights Know More
July 12, 2018Aadhaar linking boosts NREGS: Modi’s JAM trinity fast tracks workers’ payment disbursalsAadhaar linking boosts NREGS: Modi’s JAM trinity fast tracks workers’ payment disbursals Know More
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