October 17, 2018Coarse cereals have disappeared from Indian diets, leading to iron deficiencies among the populationBetween 1983 and 2011, the total iron intake in India has reduced by 21% in rural areas and 11% in urban areas, says new research. Know More
October 13, 2018Sustainability, development poles apart’ Talking about the basis of socio-economic setup in India, Ashwini said: "Agriculture is the base of this pyramid. Climate is bound to affect it. Know More
October 06, 2018‘Forest Rights Act can give tribal communities their due’The Forest Rights Act of 2006 could help ensure rights for tribal and other forest-dependent communities. Know More
August 22, 2018Can trade save forests?Export-oriented manufacturing and service activity as well as foreign direct investment. Know More
August 01, 2018Impact of Historical Changes in Coarse Cereals Consumption in India on Micronutrient Intake and Anemia Prevalence Loss of coarse cereals in the Indian diet has substantially reduced iron intake without compensation from other food groups. Know More
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