Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges

Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges:
The US and India Forging a Stronger Middle East

A joint conference by US Consulate General at Hyderabad and Indian School of Business

The United States and India have strong strategic interests in the Middle East. These interests have expanded in recent years and include issues as wide-ranging as energy and security, non-proliferation and counter-terrorism, and trade and people-to-people ties. The changing global dynamics of energy supply and demand will likely shift the strategic priorities of both the United States and India in the Middle East as far as energy trade is concerned. Access to new oil and gas reserves in the United States is expected to drastically reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil. On the other hand, India’s rapidly growing energy needs will make it more dependent on foreign energy resources, particularly from the Middle East. In 2011, Saudi Arabia was the largest supplier of oil to India. know more..