Capstone Project

The objective of the Capstone Project is to put you in the shoes of a CIO and select a portfolio of IT investments for the year 2013-14 that is aligned with the business strategy of the firm.   Set in the context of ICPL, a hypothetical FMCG products company, different business units of which propose a few new applications to implement. Your job as a CIO will be to analyse the business case for each of the projects, prioritize amongst their objectives, and identify those that best serve the business strategy in the long-term. The choice of IT investments is constrained by the IT budget provided for the given financial year.

The case consists of the following artifacts:
-          Letter from the CEO
-          Company Report
-          IT Assessment Report 
-          Proposal for the SCM Initiative 
-          Proposal for Rural Connect
-          Proposal for the new ERP System
The case is designed to provide a Capstone experience on many of the concepts and frameworks learned in the specialization.  Learners need to:
(a)    Identify a broad business focus of the company using the competitor data. Provide a couple of lines on the strategic pain points for the firm.
(b)    Which one of the five applications must the company invest in? Why? Support with all necessary numbers.
(c)    Thoroughly analyse past projects and remove redundant or unjustified investments.
(d)    Identify and propose strategies for managing risk of the large scale proposed project, including options analysis if applicable.
(e)    Create an organizational structure and communication plan that will engage various stakeholders of the organization.

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