John H Cochrane

University of California, Berkeley. PhD in Economics, awarded June 1986

MIT S B in Physics awarded June 1979 
John H Cochrane is Myron S Scholes Professor of Finance, University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business. He was with the Department of Economics, University of Chicago during 1985-1994. His visiting positions include Visiting Professor of Finance, UCLA, Anderson Graduate School of Management, 2000-2001, and Visiting Associate Professor, University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business, 1991–1992.
Current Affiliations and Professional Activities:
2003- : American Finance Association Board 
2001- : CRSP board of directors
1999- : Director, NBER Asset Pricing Program
1998- : NBER Research Associate 
He was Editor, Journal of Political Economy (1998-2003).He was the Associate Editor of the Journal of Business(1995 - 1998), Journal of Monetary Economics (1995 - 1997), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (1988 - 1994), and Journal of Money Credit and Banking (1992 - 1994). He was on the Board of Editors, Journal of Applied Econometrics (1991 - 1994), and on the Editorial Board, Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review 1993. 
Professor Cochrane received the TIAA-CREF Institute Paul A Samuelson Award (1999), Certificate of Excellence for “By Force of Habit,” and the TIAA-CREF Institute Paul A Samuelson Award for Asset Pricing (2001).