Policy Conferences

CAF Policy Conference is a special event. For each policy conference, a socially relevant and important business topic is chosen with the conscious aim to bring together, on a single platform, the world leaders among academicians, practitioners and policy-makers who share an interest in the topic. Within the broad topic, the most important issues are identified and a panel of experts discusses and debates each issue.

Research Conferences

CAF organises two academic research conferences each year, one in the summer and the other in the spring jointly with its two partner institutions: Financial Institutions Centre (FIC) at the Wharton School and the Swedish Institute for Financial Research (SIFR). CAF summer research conference is held on the ISB campus in Hyderabad, while the CAF - FIC - SIFR conference rotates between Philadelphia, Stockholm, and Hyderabad. The research conferences have evolved into major internationalresearch forums and attract submissions from finance researchers around the world. For each conference, the papers are selected by a world-wide committee of experts in the topic of the conference.

Figures on the publication history of papers presented at CAF research conferences can be found here