Mastering B2B Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

Kalyanam, Kirthi
L.J. Skaggs Distinguished Professor, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University Director, Retail Management InstituteKirthi Kalyanam is the L.J. Skaggs Distinguished Professor and director of the Retail Management Institute at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. He is also an independent director of His research and expertise are in Digital Marketing and Retailing, Quantitative Marketing, and the intersection of these areas. Kirthi has advised and served as a consultant in companies such as Google, Motor Image, IBM, Comscore Networks, Propel Corporation, Xambala, Kiwi Networks, Symphoniq Corp., Boorah, CoffeeTable, [24] and Pebble Post.

Singh, Siddharth S.
Associate Professor, Marketing, ISB, Senior Associate Dean - Admissions & Financial AidSiddharth Shekhar Singh’s research broadly focuses on a firm’s ability to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. His other focus is on marketing initiatives such as Customer Engagement, Customer Loyalty Programmes and Online Customer Communities.

Programme Topics and Outlines
  1. The Scope of B2B Digital Marketing
a)    B2B vs B2C
  1. B2B Go to Market Models
What are the typical GTMs in B2B? Primary Routes
a)    GTMs drive three objectives: Branding, leads and Sales
b)    Deep dive into examples of the objectives
c)    Discussion of lookalike companies in Asia
d)    Participant Exercise:  GTM Framework for your Company and Potential scope for B2B Digital Marketing
  1. The B2B Buying Process
The digital B2B buyer behaviour. What do we know and what are the implications?
a)    Buying Cycle in B2B: Trends
b)    The Buying centre:  A foundation for Account Based Marketing
c)    Participant Exercise:  Buyer Behaviour and Potential Implications
  1. Building Strong B2B Brands:  A Digital Approach
B2B Branding Objectives
a)    Branding and the Buying Center
b)    Examples with Videos
c)    Platforms: YouTube
d)    Participant Exercise: Branding objectives for company, Brand Efforts and Digital Opportunities, Aspirational Benchmark

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