Managing Partners

Business Channel Management and Service Delivery: This Channel Strategy module focuses on educating and enabling participants to break from old distribution paradigms and embrace powerful, multi-channel routes-to-market, which drive differentiation and accelerated revenue increases. It will also help make direct, indirect and online channels a vibrant and essential part of business strategy.
Deep Understanding of Value Chains: This module will help participants learn how to better understand, create, deliver and profitably harvest value; build more precision in selecting markets; and develop effective market communication strategies. Participants will learn the essential keys for segmentation, targeting and positioning. They will develop competencies to help drive business-to-business marketing processes for growth.
Sales Enablement: Deliverables from Marketing support the organisation’s sales goals. This module focuses on aiding participants in creating alignment between marketing and sales. It will help improve and optimise processes like demand generation, opportunity assessment, pipeline management, as well as managing and closing major deals.
Negotiation Skills: This module introduces the theory and practice of negotiation in the B2B context by emphasising both analytical and interpersonal skills. Through case discussions, participants will develop a set of conceptual frameworks and will understand how to diagnose barriers to agreement and how to develop creative strategies to address them in B2B sales and purchasing situations.
Strategic Procurement: This module provides an in-depth overview of the frameworks, principles and tools needed to embed category-based procurement in the organisation. By using various mathematical models, participants will learn to design and analyse the procurement strategies that can best fit the requirements of their respective firms.
Logistics and Supply Chain Management: The design of a logistics system is critically linked to the objectives of the supply chain. This module will help participants understand how logistics decisions impact the performance of the firm, as well as the entire supply chain. The programme will underscore the importance of understanding the link between the structures of supply chain and logistics capabilities of a firm’s supply chain.
Relationship-Building and Networking in Business Markets: B2B Marketing is about managing the complex network of buying and selling relationships between organisations. This module will equip participants with an in-depth understanding of the complexities in these relationships and how to handle them.
Supply Chain Analytics: In the context of intense global competition, customers are demanding more and more value at the lowest cost. For the firm to be successful, it must develop supply-chain strategies and logistics capabilities that will serve the needs of its customers, while maximising overall profitability. The objective of this module is to help understand the importance of Supply Chain Analytics and Optimisation.