Strategies for a Digital World

Digital Transformation: After attending this module, participants will be able to use frameworks to identify and analyse emerging trends and issues in Digital B2B Marketing. By evaluating digital marketing efforts in the context of the existing marketing function, participants will be able to take the concept of integrated marketing to newer heights.
Digital Presence: Customers have started doing more and more homework online before approaching/notifying the seller: On average, the B2B sales process is 57% complete before the seller knows of a potential customer’s interest. This module will enable participants to win in the digital world, which is essential to maintain margins, market share and revenue growth.
Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies: This module enables participants to learn and adopt the latest digital marketing practices in the context of B2B Markets. It will delve into key online marketing concepts, cross-channel impacts of advertising, causal measurement of advertising effects on market performance, as well as conducting field experiments.
Digitisation of Sales: Digitised selling capability is focused on the technology-enabled provision of information and enablement of transactions with customers, thus replacing many legacy sales force activities with a view to enhance speed and efficiencies. In this module, participants will examine the impact of digitisation on the sales’ effectiveness. 
Artificial Intelligence: This module aims to provide an introduction for participants to the fundamental methods of knowledge representation, learning and reasoning that are used in Artificial Intelligence, and to understand its possible implications for Business Markets.
Virtual Reality: This module will list for participants the essential principles of Virtual Reality and the implications of this technology to B2B Marketing, Sales and Purchasing.