Value Communication

Sales Interfaces and Key Account Management: This module will enable participants to better define key account management and customer relationship programmes and will show how to better align sales efforts with specific customer needs and requirements for which the customer is willing to pay.
Marketing ROI and Strategic Performance Metrics: The objective of this module is to enable participants to gain a deep understanding of marketing strategy; to appreciate the inputs and insights required to create a marketing strategy; to execute the steps involved in developing a robust marketing strategy; and to test and evaluate the likely success (or failure) of a proposed strategy.
Marketing Strategies: The objective of this module is to help participants understand how organisations can concentrate their limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. 
Services Operations Management: This module explores key issues in service strategy, service design and service delivery, and identifies successful ways to manage them as demonstrated by world-class companies. The main objective is for participants to explore the approaches used by companies to facilitate the development of organisational competencies that make their names synonymous with service excellence.