Value Delivery Systems

B2B Branding: In this module, participants will examine B2B brands in the context of hard-nosed business realities and will study branding as an integral component of a successful B2B business strategy.

Pricing Strategies and Value Extraction: Often in business practice, businesses usually know their cost(s) very well, but do not have even a crude understanding of the value they bring to their customers. Markets are usually targeted based on how valuable they are to the firm, rather than on how valuable the firm is to the markets. This module will help participants learn how to optimally price the market offering in a manner that extracts value, based on the value provided to the customer.
New Product Introduction: The objective of this module is to have participants accelerate the New Product Development process to dramatically increase profits and success rates and shorten time-to-market based on what the top-performing firms are doing. It will enable participants to optimise the firm’s idea-to-launch system and allow for flexibility and scalability, to suit different sizes, types and risk-levels of projects.
Product Lifecycle Management: This module will help participants to understand in depth the concept of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), the objective of which is to reduce time-to-market, improve product quality, reduce prototyping costs and reduce environmental impact at end-of-life of the product.