Membership Details

ISB-CBM offers many services to its members. All offerings of ISB-CBM will be focused on growth markets. All fees payable for the various services of ISB-CBM including the membership fees will additionally be subject to statutory levies at actuals.

Annual Membership fee: INR 3,50,000
Benefits and Services:
a.     Eligibility to nominate participants at a fee for various calendarized learning programmes being offered by ISB-CBM. Fee for each programme will be published on the site
b.     Participation in the General Meetings of ISB-CBM
c.      Complimentary offerings:
          i.  Access to practice-oriented White Papers
          ii. Invitation to attend talks by guest speakers at ISB-CBM
          iii. Subscription to ISBInsight
d.     Offerings available at a fee:
         i. Internship by ISB students at the company
         ii. Access to industry-specific data
         iii. Access to digital learning platform for extended learning and collaboration through the duration of membership.
         iv. Access to ISB-CBM Key Academic Scholars and International ISB-CBM Academic Scholars for specific consultancy services.
         v. Intensive mentoring on key problem areas in Business Markets by globally renowned academicians with real-world experience in the industry.
         vi.Practicum, wherein designated personnel from the company may be nominated to work with ISB-CBM Key Academic Scholars and International ISB-CBM Academic Scholars to acquire high-end on-the-job skill development in pre-defined aspects of Business Market Management, akin to apprenticeship.
        vii. Participation in custom studies and priority projects to understand challenges of companies in growth markets.
        viii.Syndicated research on a specific theme or topic by a group of interested companies
        ix. One on-site day-long interaction per year with an appropriate ISB-CBM Key Academic Scholar or International ISB-CBM Academic Scholar on a    pre-selected topic at the company’s premise for a wider audience
        x. Eligibility to be part of Joint Partnerships facilitated by ISB-CBM, i.e., work with other companies to address common challenge.
        xi. Eligibility to have one company-specific case study per year developed, covering specific key challenges being addressed by the company.
e.     Eligibility to sponsor
        i. Various ISB-CBM events
        ii. Various ISB-CBM student programmes
        iii. ISB-CBM Key Academic Scholars and International ISB-CBM Academic Scholars for research, as well as for chaired professorships 
        iv. Dedicated research to address company-specific challenges in the realm of B2B Marketing, Sales and Purchasing
        v. Sector-specific events, i.e., for the particular industry in which the company operates

Note: Organizations nominating more than two participants to a programme, will be given discount on the Programme Fee.