Membership Details

Value Proposition for ISB-CBM Members

ISB-CBM offers a robust platform for business-to-business (B2B) organisations to raise the bar of their performance, focusing on the issues and challenges faced by them.

Generic Benefits of Being a Member of ISB-CBM:

  1. Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of ISB-CBM
  2. Access to a unique platform for branding and marketing
  3. Invitation to attend exclusive CXO-level platforms to exchange ideas and thought-leadership
  4. Access to ISB practice-oriented White Papers
  5. Invitation to attend guest speaker sessions at ISB
  6. Access to ISB-CBM’s digital learning platform for extended learning and collaboration
  7. Subscription to ISBInsight, ISB’s flagship research journal

Specific Benefits and Services (at a fee):

  1. Access to various calendarized learning programmes
  2. Internship by ISB students at the company for working on projects of importance
  3. Access to industry-specific data
  4. Access to ISB-CBM Academic Scholars for specific consultancy services
  5. Mentoring on key problem areas by globally renowned faculty
  6. Practicum for designated company personnel to work with ISB-CBM Academic Scholars for high-end on-the-job skill development in the VUCA world
  7. Participation in custom studies and priority projects
  8. Syndicated research on specific themes by a group of interested companies
  9. Interaction/s on pre-selected topics at the company’s premises with ISB-CBM Academic Scholars
  10. Work with other companies to address common challenges, facilitated by ISB-CBM
  11. Development of company-specific case studies for in-house use or for brand-building
  12. Dedicated research to address company-specific challenges
  13. Showcasing company and CXO-initiated thought-leadership and best practices for company and CXO brand-building

Annual Membership Fee: INR 2,50,000 per company

  • Group Discount: For 2 to 4 companies from the same corporate group, 30% discount on the annual membership fee.
  • For corporate group taking membership of 5 or more companies, annual membership fee: lumpsum INR 7.5 lakhs.
  • Corporate groups taking membership for 3 or more companies, membership fee can be paid in 2 installments.

Fee for Learning Programmes:

  • Fee for each programme will be published on the site from time-to-time.
  • Welcome Benefit: One-time 30% discount on fee for any one programme during the first year of membership.
  • Bulk Discount: 30% discount on the published programme fee for nominating 3 or more participants.
  • Member Discount: For less than 3 participants for a program, 20% discount on the published programme fee.
  • Customised Pedagogy to maximise quantifiable impact and outcome to the company. 
  • Free digital learning platform access for 10 participants per organization; additional access at nominal fee.

All fees payable subject to appropriate statutory levies.