Marketplace Insights Programme

Marketplace Insight: Crafting marketplace understanding that makes a difference
Marketplace Insight is an interactive three-day programme that introduces the participants to the principles, practices and skills that characterize insight work, using cases and examples from a variety of organizations. This programme is crafted for C-Level executives and general managers of small, medium or large enterprises, and for middle management in large organisations.
In the programme, participants will learn how to:
  • structure the analysis required to generate “the new understanding” that is characteristic of an insight
  • generate higher quality, timely and value-rich insight in a more efficient and effective way
  • leverage this insight into the decision-making process
Participants will also get the opportunity to apply what they learn in an insight project that will be immediately relevant to their business. This year’s programme is from Monday, April 29 through Wednesday, May 1, at the ISB Hyderabad Campus.

Why Do We Need Marketplace Insight?
Why do companies possess so much data and yet so little genuine insight? This interactive three-day programme addresses the insight challenge. Using cases and examples from a variety of organizations, the programme introduces the participants to the principles, practices and skills that characterize insight work.
The programme details the Insight Process framework – the stages involved in generating and leveraging insights – from identifying opportunities where insight work will make an impact to executing the analysis steps and assessing the implications of change.
In each stage of the Insight Process framework, the programme will emphasize how to manage core analysis tasks (e.g., draw inferences), determine appropriate analysis methods and deal with an organization’s culture context and practices. The programme will also identify common errors in developing, testing and leveraging insights, and will highlight strategies to avoid these errors.