The Law of the Vital Few suggests that the vast majority of results are driven by a few key clients. Valuing and revaluing key accounts, therefore, becomes a core criterion for building successful and enduring B2B relationships. Businesses today are increasingly switching from a sales funnel-based approach to the more focused and proven Account-Based Marketing method to reap manifold benefits across marketing objectives.

This interactive 4-day programme will equip you with the strategic mindset, thinking frameworks and management tools to reorient your organisation and transition it seamlessly to account-based marketing. You will learn to continuously reassess Key Performance Indicators to help you service high-visibility accounts and generate higher value from them.


The scope of
Account-Based Marketing
The roles played by data
in managing key accounts
The tools and software to
implement Account-Based Marketing
A revised approach to customer
selection, valuation and journey
The new role of branding
in servicing key accounts
Integration of content, digital
strategies, public relations,
and sales strategies
Managing the internal
disruption during the transition
The revised role of KPIs,
incentives, and functions

Who Should Attend?

The programme is designed for mid and senior-level managers in the sales, marketing, digital strategy, analytics, and organisational transformation roles in B2B oriented organisations. It is also suitable for senior managers in leadership and CXO roles who are charged with leading the organisational transition towards ABM. The programme will also benefit consultants who advise B2B clients on sales, marketing, and digital strategies.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the strategic imperative for Account-Based Marketing

  • Work out the limitations of a sales-funnel-based approach

  • Gain deeper insight into the impact of seamless customer journeys

  • Drive efficiency gains from a focused customer-selection approach

  • Transform your business by integrating marketing, sales, and digital strategy




December 19 – 22, 2019


ISB, Hyderabad Campus


INR 2,00,000 + GST



Please download the brochure to know more about the pedagogy, modules, and the key concepts covered.

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