Design Team

CEE consists of several teams of experts who drive just one result – helping your organisation solve your business challenge in the most efficient and effective manner. Consisting of academic, business experts and project management experts, the team ensures the learning is not just relevant but helps you meet your larger organisational objective.


Faculty Team

This team consists of outstanding faculty from top business schools, with experience in consulting with global organisations and teaching executives. They analyse the organisation’s needs, design the curriculum in conjunction with CEE teams, plan and design classroom experiences, and act as guides and catalysts for the action projects.


Programme Design Team

The programme design team comprises of professionals from diverse functional backgrounds and domains. This team has the critical responsibility of managing the complex interface between industry and academia. The team works in close conjunction with both the company and the faculty and ensures that the most befitting solutions are derived for your organisation.


Programme Management Team

This team, comprising experts from the hospitality industry, and is responsible for the smooth delivery of the programme. From ensuring participant comfort, smooth flow of classroom activities, technological support, to faculty support, this team manages the complex logistics of delivering the programme to the various groups from the company.