The customised learning experience means that each programme has a specific set of learning methodology and tools to best fit your specific learning needs. This includes the following:

Case studies: A case study analysis is an effective way to bridge theory and practice. Through a case study method, you can apply classroom learning to a situation faced by an organization, leading to effective learning.

Live Cases and Action learning: ISB custom programme design takes the case study method to a new level by solving live cases – real life business problems faced by your organisation – in the classroom. This action learning method ensures that participants can directly apply their learning to solve business problems of strategic importance thus giving an immediate return on learning investment.

Simulations: Learning in a simulated environment lets you take strategic business decisions and learn from the outcomes in a risk-free way. Such simulations also help to develop integrated thinking approach.

Coaching and assessments: Customised programmes for leadership development have integrated coaching components where you are guided by executive coaches to develop your leadership skills and create specific action plans for change.

Experiential learning: Activities like mystery shopping, leadership treks and industry interaction complements the classroom learning to provide you with a holistic learning experience.

Guest lectures: ISB brings the most respected and influential industry speakers to share their experiences with the class; this will help you learn directly from the veterans.

International Immersion: Your customised learning programme can include international study tours to leading companies in the same industry so that you can directly learn from best practices.