Typical Custom Learning Solutions

Developing solutions to complex problems
Diagnosing key problems, developing solutions through appropriate frameworks, and implementing them in the organisation through action-based projects with the ISB’s support to review the success of the projects.
Engaging employees in formulating the company strategy
Understanding market and industry dynamics, formulating and implementing competitive strategy by involving employees across functions.
General management programmes
Designing programmes to enable executives with exceptional skills in their functional areas to develop a holistic general management perspective that will help them grow to the next level.
Developing the leadership pipeline
Developing leaders across different levels in the organisation to create the right leadership pipeline that will help organisational growth.
Strategic leadership
Developing strategic thinking and leadership skills among the top management to drive business growth.
Personal and organisational change through transformational leadership
Changing mindsets, striving for personal excellence at work, leading and inspiring others to be catalysts for change, and creating an organisation-wide transformation.
Building a customer focused organisation
Realigning employee attitudes to be customer focussed, developing processes in the organisation to deliver on the customer promise, and transforming the organisation to establish a customer focused culture in the organisation.
Building innovative organizations
Developing an innovation mindset by making innovation a core competence; identifying and exploiting new opportunities.
Accelerating Sales Force Performance
Harnessing the most out of the sales force thorough strategic management of sales issues, sales system and the levers of sales performance.