Open Programme Advantage

Learning what is relevant to the market and to your business

What you learn must be relevant to your business and your market.  Hence our programme design team studies the challenges across industries and functions, and combines the learning with the latest findings in management research. Thus the programmes designed are most relevant to you in terms of issues addressed, ideas provided and pedagogy.
Learning from the best of global faculty
ISB CEE’s unique combination of resident and visiting faculty model implies that each programme is delivered by the most relevant and experienced faculty in that domain. Thus you can be assured that you are learning from a globally-renowned authority on the subject being taught.
A like-minded peer group
A healthy exchange of ideas with fellow learners can enrich your classroom experience and can provide you with crucial insights. That is why we pre-screen all applicants for the programme. This along with expectation mapping of each participant means that you share the classroom with likeminded peers.
An active learning approach
At CEE, learning is not confined to one-sided lectures. Instead the pedagogy combines lectures, case studies, simulations, discussions, etc., to ensure a holistic learning experience. To ensure you can apply your learning to solve your business problems, we help you articulate your business challenges
and arrive at solutions during the course of the programme.
Post-programme intervention
We have the capability to provide post-programme intervention in 30, 60 and 90 day intervals for specific programmes. This ensures that you extend your learning beyond the classroom and derive real tangible benefits from the learning.
Lifelong learning
All CEE participants become members of their respective Alumni Chapters - a platform to network with peers and exchange ideas through the several events conducted across the year.