The Centre for Learning and Management Practice (CLMP) is focused on a broad range of activities in the area of teaching, learning, and management practice.  

  • Teaching: Promote and facilitate teaching excellence at the ISB by offering mentoring, training, and resource support.  We also help enhance the quality of teaching in other institutions by offering seminars and workshops. 
  • Learning: Enable effective learning at the ISB by encouraging innovative teaching approaches, and assist in the measurement of the impact of learning.  More specifically, we focus on innovative technologies that help teachers better engage students in pre-class and in-class settings.  We also assist in measuring the learning goals of ISB’s programmes, and conduct research in the “transfer of learning” from short-term executive training programmes to the workplace.
  • Case Development: Support the writing of India-specific (and emerging market based) business cases among ISB faculty as well as faculty of other b-schools, enable the dissemination of these cases to the global classroom, and provide training for case teaching among business faculty in India.
  • Management Practice: Engage with managers and executives to bring the corporate perspective to ISB’s programmes, and facilitate the flow of fresh research ideas from the corporate world to ISB’s faculty.  This is done through various initiatives such as the Executive in Residence Programme, Corporate Immersion Programme for Faculty,  and the programme for Corporate Research Collaboration.