Message from HOD


The Centre for Learning and Management Practice is focused on enabling excellence in the business classroom through student-centred learning, and relevant content that includes the academic and the corporate perspectives. We recognise that effective instructors don’t simply teach; they open minds and expand the decision-making capabilities of students by sparking debate and discussion in the classroom.  The master teachers know when to leave these discussions unresolved, forcing students to find answers in introspection and self-discovery—the most powerful paths to learning.  Honing such skills among teachers is a key priority for the Centre, and we attempt to provide resources and guidance in this effort, as well as support in the form of relevant content for the classroom.

Cases and Innovative Pedagogies
The Centre assists in producing content in the form of cases, simulations, and other technology-driven material.  Our growing repository of India-specific cases cover the economic landscape of India, with cases ranging in focus from entrepreneurship at the bottom of the pyramid to giant multinationals vying for a foothold in India, and from traditional Indian family businesses to sustainable social ventures.  Further, we assist faculty in designing simulations that help create a dynamic environment in the classroom, and provide technology-based content that is reflective of the “flipped” classroom—where lectures (that depend on passive learning) are moved outside the classroom, and active student work (that forms the basis for active learning) is brought into the classroom, all leading to deeper, and lasting learning for the student.
Transfer of Learning and Impact in Workplace
The Centre is also focused on understanding, and helping the “transfer” of learning from the classroom to the workplace, particularly as it relates to short-term management development programmes.  Working with ISB’s Centre for Executive Education, the Centre is researching the drivers of learning transfer, and the impact of such transfer on the workplace.  Ultimately, the full value of any learning is realised only when the learning is applied, and the impact of the application is recognised.  As such, we are reaching beyond the confines of the classroom to understand and measure the application of learning, and its impact on people and organisations.

Reema Gupta
Centre for Learning and Management Practice