About AoL

Why AoL?

The AoL process is a systematic process towards the continuous curriculum review and improvement of a programme. The focus is the programme.

AoL process achieves accreditation, accountability and continuous improvement. 

  • Accreditation – AACSB accreditation requires AoL as part of its standards fulfillment.
  • Accountability - Measures of learning can assure external constituents such as potential students, trustees, public officials, supporters, and accreditors, that the institute strives to meet its goals.
  • Continuous Improvement - By measuring learning, the school can evaluate its students’ success at achieving learning goals, and can use the measures to plan improvement efforts.


Who is it for?
AoL seeks to answer the following questions for the stakeholders:


  1. What will our students learn in our program?
  2. What are our expectations?
  3. How will they learn it?
  4. How will we know they have learned it or not?
  5. What will we do if they have not learned it?


  1. Are the program goals tied to the school mission, vision, and values?
  2. Are we achieving our set program goals? 
  3. How can we ensure continuous improvement of our programs? 


  1. Is our teaching and learning aligned towards achieving the program learning outcomes?
  2. Is there a process to ensure that the curriculum that the program faculty teach is continuously improving and meeting its standards?