Best Practices in Teaching and Learning

Initiatives towards Teaching Excellence: “Best Practices in Teaching and Learning”

CLMP is focused on facilitating teaching excellence in the classroom, and enabling innovative pedagogies for effective learning”. To do so, we are working towards compiling and presenting the “Best practices in Teaching and Learning” of the faculty teaching in ISB classrooms in a bid to showcase innovative ways to teach.

“Role playing in classroom"

By Professor Tarun Jain, PGP course on “Managerial Economics”
for PGP Co 2020.


“Active Learning tools: Using hands-on Hackathon – Outside classroom" 

By Professor Galit Shmueli, Co-teaching PGP course on Forecasting Analytics at ISB.
Distinguished Professor, Institute of Service Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan 

“Teaching tips for ISB classroom" 

By Professor Edward W Rogers, PGP course on Managing Complexity
Chief Knowledge Officer, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

The LEAP Platform - Learning through Engagement and Active Participation
Pre-Class Student Engagement and Tracking
Example Video (1 minute 40 seconds)

In-Class Student Engagement and Tracking
Example Video (1 minute 20 seconds)

The LEAP videos are Co-created with Creat!st