MFAB Learning Goals & Objectives

Critical & Integrative Thinking
Objective 1: Identification of central issue or problem
Objective 2: Quality of data considered for analysis 
Objective 3: Data analysis and interpretation 
Objective 4: Development of multiple perspectives
Objective 5: Establishment of one’s perspective
Objective 6: Effective summary, conclusions and implications
Awareness of Global Issues Affecting Family Business
Objective 1: Identification of global factors
Objective 2: Analysis of global factors 
Objective 3: Comparative analysis 
Objective 4: Application of analysis to management situation
Ethical Responsibility
Objective 1: Recognition of ethical issue
Objective 2: Knowledge of rights and responsibilities of stakeholder
Objective 3: Analysis of ethical issue
Objective 4: Integration and synthesis for appropriate action
Managing Family Business Relations
Objective 1: Awareness of conflicting needs and values
Objective 2: Appreciation of need for proactive steps to cope with complexity of relations
Objective 3: Commitment to communication and conflict management
Objective 4: Willingness to set up appropriate processes and mechanism
Objective 1: Articulating key leadership initiatives for family business
Objective 2: Effective execution
Objective 3: Influencing key stakeholders
Objective 4: Leading change