PGP Learning Goals & Objectives

Critical and Integrative Thinking
Objective 1: Clearly identifies the problem/ issue.
Objective 2: Use information, experience/assigned resources.
Objective 3: Develops own perspective/ position.
Objective 4: Presents right data/ evidence to support analysis.
Objective 5: Interprets and infers appropriately from analysis.
Objective 6: Integrates issues using other perspectives/positions.
Objective 7: Effective summary, conclusions and implications.
Effective Oral Communication
Objective 1: Introduction and clarity of main points.
Objective 2: Organization and flow of the presentation.
Objective 3: Summary and conclusion.
Objective 4: Voice, delivery and pace of speech.
Objective 5: Enunciation and inflection.
Objective 6: Gesture, posture and eye contact.
Objective 7: Energy and enthusiasm.
Objective 8: Attention to audience comments or questions.
Objective 9: Responsiveness/ engagement with audience.
Ethical Responsibility
Objective 1: Recognition of ethical issues.
Objective 2: Knowledge of rights/responsibilities of stakeholders.
Objective 3: Methodical analysis of ethical situation.
Objective 4: Integration and synthesis for appropriate action.
Awareness of Global Issues Affecting Business
Objective 1: Identification of global factors.
Objective 2: Analysis of global factors.
Objective 3: Comparative analysis of domestic/ global issues.
Objective 4: Application of analysis to management situation.
Interpersonal Awareness & Teamwork
Objective 1: Role clarity.
Objective 2: Clarity of Group Goals.
Objective 3: Clarity of Group Tasks.
Objective 4: Effort to build clarity in goals.
Objective 5: Effort to build clarity in tasks.
Objective 6: Conflict Management.
Objective 7: Trust/ Participation/ Consensus.
Objective 8: Group atmosphere and feedback.
Objective 9: Group atmosphere (Alternate Measure).