Executive-In-Residence Programme

Under the Executive in Residence Programme, ISB offers to host senior corporate executives at the school for a short stay.

How you can partner?

ISB invites you to propose a senior executive from your organization to be hosted at ISB. We will request you to share a detailed profile of the executive which will be submitted for review to a faculty panel at ISB. The panel may request for an interview and will evaluate the fit and alignment of the executive with a specific domain or a Research Centre and Institute (RCI) at ISB. Based on the panel’s recommendation, the Centre for Learning and Management Practice (CLMP) at ISB, will get back with the draft of an “Executive in Residence - Proposal” to take the initiative forward.

Proposal Outline:
  • Statement of Purpose: Identify a topic/area that would be of significance to both the executive/organization and research being led by a faculty/RCI at ISB.
  • Scope: As the nature of this learning engagement is exploratory, some broad parameters of the association can be outlined at this stage, allowing flexibility for ISB and the executive to decide and design the nature of exchanges and outcomes.
  • Duration: Decide the duration of the stay and any subsequent spill-over time that would be required to provide satisfactory closure to the engagement.
  • Contacts: Identify the key people at ISB for the executive to engage with.
  • Confidentiality: If any information, data, conversations, reports, etc. are confidential in nature, ISB may request for an NDA to be incorporated.
Through this intervention that allows for linking industry insights with academic research, there could be several outcomes that could be explored:
  • Guest Lectures in ISB Programmes
  • Case Studies
  • Collaborative Research Projects
  • Research ideas/questions for Faculty
  • Engagement with Student Clubs
  • Articles
  • Videos
Resources provided by ISB:
  • Accommodation
  • F&B expenses
  • Office space
  • Office support (such as Wifi, printing, basic stationery, etc.)