The ISB Master Teacher Programme

This Programme is designed to help participants excel in teaching and teaching-related activities, based on international accreditation standards.

Participants will be trained in the art and science of effective teaching and classroom management, by using powerful student-centered, active-learning approaches to teaching. They will be provided training in innovative technologies and tools for managing interactive classes-be it traditional classes, blended classes, or “flipped” classes. Participants will graduate with an understanding of the importance of student learning styles, the relevance of global accreditation standards, and what it takes to design a compelling learning experience for students.

Participants will also be guided in the case writing process, and given the opportunity to author cases that will be published and made available through Harvard Publishing or Ivey Publishing. Further, participants will learn how to implement the “Assurance of Learning” process-a requirement of all business schools applying for AACSB accreditation.