Entrepreneur India | December 04, 2016 Note To Entrepreneurs: Culture Eats Strategy for BreakfastProfessor Arun Pereira explains why the best of strategies are unlikely to succeed without the support of an appropriate organizational culture, in start-ups.
LIVE MINT | November 28, 2016 For those going the extra mileProfessor Arun Pereira writes an article on the importance on focusing on customer journeys rather than customer transactions. Read the article in the Mint today.
Entrepreneur India | November 03, 2016 Entrepreneurs: Beware of the Marginal Thinking TrapProfessor Arun Pereira's article in Entrepreneur India highlights the dangers of entrepreneurs falling into the marginal thinking trap.
BusinessLine on Campus | November 02, 2016 Ways to share ‘stolen knowledge’ in the classroomProfessor Arun Pereira discusses the power of learning through “stolen knowledge”at BLoc
Live Mint | October 17, 2016 Bet on the jockey, not the horseProfessor Arun Pereira writes about entrepreneurship in his article, "Bet on the Jockey, not the Horse" in today's Live MINT.
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