The Centre is involved in research focused on understanding the value of management education to individuals and organisations. Various research studies are underway to answer questions such as:

  • How effective are management development programmes in providing value to organizations? What are the drivers and catalysts of effective “learning” in such programmes?
  • What are the returns to students from an MBA? How do these vary over time, and by student characteristics?
  • Do managers with MBAs add value to firms compared to managers without MBA?
  • What is the impact of business school resources, such as faculty, curriculum, infrastructure and placement services on student success?

The Centre develops and promotes high-quality Case Studies and case innovations called CaseApps, specific to India and the emerging markets, with the support of ISB faculty as well as faculty from other business schools world-wide. The ISB, with its strong industry relationships, world-class faculty, and contemporary regional insights, is ideally positioned to produce a substantial body of compelling and lead-generating cases, relevant to Indian businesses.