Events Until Now
  • Speaker Session with Professor Aks Zaheer: Discussion on how companies use M&A as a tool to grow.
  • First phase of Guesstimate Sundays: Two guesstimates were given to the club members a week in advance and a session to break them down and discuss approaches to the solutions was organised at the end of the week. It is an ongoing initiative to make sure that students get a flavour of Consulting interviews.
  • Launch of the skill Template: To allow people to analyse themselves and identify gaps in profile, which the club can then attempt to help them fill up.
  • Demystifying Consulting- Speaker Session with BCG: The speakers from BCG spoke to the members and Consulting aspirants about Consulting as a profession, how the industry has evolved, what the future entails and finally the opportunities at BCG itself.
  • Speaker session with Mr. Arun Krishnan from the Rebel Group: The guest discussed opportunities in Consulting across various functions and across various firms.