Hyderabad Dance Squad

Name: Savyasachi Pandit 
Post: President
Email: Savyasachi_pandit2020@isb.edu

Dancing since 1998. Enthusiastic dancer and puts in all energy in the dance. Loves grooving to Bollywood/ Punjabi songs which are high on energy. Believes in the phrase “Dance like no one is watching”. Never missed a wedding or party without dancing and starts tapping his feet the moment he senses music around him.

Name: Sahil Banga 
Post: Vice President
Email: sahil_banga2020@isb.edu

Needs no introduction. Trained in 13 different dance styles (woah!!), one of the most sought-after dancers at ISB. A Shiamak student and a part of the esteemed “Higher Vision Crew” himself, he is the frontrunner choreographer at ISB and intends to conduct workshops across several dance forms to make this year a year full of dance and fun for the cohort.

Name: Madhusree Sarker 
Post: Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Email: Madhusree_sarker2020@isb.edu

Originally from Siliguri, she been honing her dancing skills from the age of 5. Originally a classical dancer with expertise in Kathak, Rabindra Nritya and Folk dances, she began experimenting with modern dance forms. Also, she has been training with Dance Destination team, Mumbai in Contemporary form for 4 years. It has been more than 11 years now and her passion for dance has only multiplied with time.
Golden mantra: “dancers don’t need wings to fly”.

Name: Shivangi Dubey 
Post: Events Coordinator
Email: Shivangi_dubey2020@isb.edu

Apart from the immense love that she has for dancing, the other driving force for joining the Dance club was to create a smooth and enjoyable experience for the dancers and learners. Everyone has a rhythm to which they can move given the confidence and right state of mind. Even after being trained in kathak for several years, she feared to perform in front of an audience. She eventually faced her fears because of motivation from people around her. She wishes to be there for all the learners through the events that she will organize as the event coordinator for Dance club.

Name: Rishika Khandelwal 
Post: Events Coordinator
Email: Rishika_khandelwal2020@isb.edu

Experience or organizing various cultural events during her undergrad, she wishes to propagate the expertise by contributing to the Dance Club, organising events throughout the year for the entertainment of the entire cohort. Brimmed with enthusiasm, she is an ebullient dancer and has danced till the “sun is up” in major parties held this year at the campus. Her passion for dance is the driving factor for her to make this year full of dance events.
Mohali Dance Squad

Name: Aarushi Goel 
Post: President
Email: Aarushi_Goel2020@isb.edu

Aarushi has about 4 years of work experience as a consultant with EY. She was the creative and choreography head of the dance club at SSCBS, DU. Trained in classical Odissi, she is a state level rank holder in Gandharva Mahavidyala Level 2 exam. You'll find her dancing anywhere, everywhere, with or without music. Goes 'challenge accepted!' anytime she hears someone say they don't dance. Dancing is her happy drug, and she's always willing to share!

Name: Kashish Sur 
Post: Vice President
Email: Kashish_Sur2020@isb.edu

Kashish comes with 6+ years of experience in analytics consulting across pharmaceutical and insurance domains. A dancer, an amateur stand-up comic and a beer lover, he is trained in hip-hop and pop and lock. He is a Bollywood hook step expert and when it comes to dancing on the floor he has only one rule, "Let's kill. 

Name: Raksha Choudhary 

Post: Lead Coordinator, Marketing and Communications 
Email: Raksha_Choudhary2020@isb.edu

Raksha comes with 3+ years work experience from the analytics and consulting domain in the pharmaceutical sector. Other than playing with numbers and reading fiction, she is a passionate dancer and is trained in Kathak and Latin Salsa. She can beat you in the hook step challenge of any Bollywood song and is always the last person to leave the dance floor.

Name: Aditi Arora 
Post: Events Coordinator
Email: Aditi_Arora2020@isb.edu

Aditi has about 7 Years of Work Experience across a diverse set of functions ranging from operations and compliance to business development and project management. A foodie at heart, loves humans, dancing and whiskey!!! Her cute smile combined with Bhangra moves makes the audience go Awwwwww!!! Her life’s mantara is “Cherish your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows and live your todays”.