0930   - 1000Registration

1000  - 1130

Panel 1: Beyond Macroeconomics - Public Policy for Growth

What tools are available to policymakers to foster a supportive growth environment? What is the best mix of incentive and regulation in the policymaker’s toolbox? What arenas need the most urgent and directed policy attention for a high-growth decade?

Keynote Speaker: Arun Maira

Bhaskar Chakravorti
Deepak Lal
Prachi Mishra
Rohit Modi

Moderator: Rajesh Chakrabarti

1130  - 1200Tea Break

1200 - 1330

Panel 2: Public and Private Together - The Road to Universal Healthcare

As India endorses the goal of universal healthcare, it continues to struggle with issues of access, quality and affordability. Poor public health indicators affect both quality of life and workplace productivity. How can the public and private sectors partner and complement each other to address healthcare needs across all services and economic groups?

Keynote Speaker: Anil Swarup

Milan Rao
Mandar Vaidya
Sarang Deo

Moderator: Mark Allan

1330 - 1430Lunch

1430 - 1600

Panel 3: Avoiding the Middle Income Trap - Innovation for Advanced Manufacturing

India’s unusual services-led growth model has largely bypassed the manufacturing sector. Yet a dynamic and innovative manufacturing sector is key to avoiding the so-called “middle-income trap” that has beset other growing economies. What are the secrets to high-innovation advanced manufacturing growth? What role can policy play in supporting such growth?

Keynote Speaker: Amitabh Kant

Ananth Iyer

Rakesh Batra
Karan Avtar Singh
Amit K Sinha

Moderator: Sridhar Sheshadri

1600 - 1640Special Address: Rakesh Mohan

1640 - 1800

Panel 4: Institutional Mechanisms and Incentive Structures - Drivers for Robust Infrastructure

Although World Bank data shows that India emerged as the largest destination for private infrastructure funding over the last decade, India’s public-private partnership model has suffered significant design and operationalization failures.  How can PPP contracting processes be made smoother for private partners?

Keynote Speaker: Hari Sankaran

Ashok Lavasa
K P Krishnan
Richard de Neufville

Moderator: Pradeep Singh