Learning Goals

The Indian School of Business (ISB) is committed to support its students in mastering a foundational set of skills by the time they complete the programme.

There are four key learnings goals, which are embedded in the curriculum and pedagogy of the Executive DBA equivalent programme. The goals recognize that the graduates of the programme will be prepared to lead organizations as senior executives and thought leaders. For those students who want to transition into academia, practice-oriented research is expected. Therefore, all Executive FPM students must:

  1. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of theory
    • Students will acquire the knowledge of advanced theory and demonstrate understanding of its application in the practice of management
  2. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and application of research methods
    • Students will be able to demonstrate competency in knowledge and applicability of appropriate research methods
  3. Demonstrate communication of research based insights
    • Students will be able to demonstrate an ability to communicate research based insights on an academic and practice-oriented platform
  4. Build foundation towards effective teaching skills
    • Students will be able to acquire an understanding of the challenges of teaching and managing a classroom, and demonstrate the skills required towards becoming an effective teacher.