Typical Stages of Progression

The initial focus of the program will be on key business courses. As students progress in the program, the emphasis will shift towards research methodology courses followed by writing and teaching methodology courses and projects that address issues in contemporary business. The program will culminate with a dissertation that addresses a complex, cross-functional business problem of strategic interest to a company or non-profit organisation.

There will be assessments at each stage which will have to cleared by the participants.

Year 1
Complete foundation courses, core courses and research methodology courses
Year 2
Complete research writing and teaching methodologies courses
Submit a research project
Write EFPM comprehensive exam
Identify dissertation chairperson and dissertation committee members
Identify a dissertation topic, complete preliminary research work on the topic and work on a dissertation proposal
Submit the dissertation proposal to the dissertation committee by the end of the second year for approval

Year 3
Continue work on dissertation
Based on the dissertation defence, completion of subsequent revisions and the EFPM committee’s recommendation, the candidate will be conferred the “Executive Fellow in Management”