Career Reflections

These are broadcast series under the Alumni Career Services' umbrella.  The objective is to provide differential value prepositions from key intersections of experience and alumni connections to those seeking opportunities and striving to identify new avenues and reach their careers' zenith.

Career Reflections focuses on the influential alumni's career trajectories, emphasizing how they planned their careers with the right mix of experience, opportunity, and alumni connections while re-inventing themselves constantly with changing times. These videos encourage, inspire, and influence the alumni to navigate their career journeys by evaluating their career paths,  developing their goals, and leading them to seek fulfilment in their careers.

My Toughest Career Transition

Career Reflections showcases impactful short duration broadcasts of 10-12 minute videos on various career-related themes. The first part of the series - 'My Toughest Career Transition,' narrates what inspired these alumni in their decisions during career transition and how they effectively handled the transition emotionally and professionally by utilizing the right tools and taking advantage of their connections at the right time. Alumni also share their leadership lessons and their insights into their learning from such most challenging career transitions. They have become a game-changer for both the School and the Alumni- assisting younger alumni in assimilating in their experiential learning to help them reach the pinnacle of their career while also strengthening the brand image of the ISB.

Watch what our Alumni have shared